Diamond Casino Heist How To Start?

Diamond Casino Heist How To Start
GTA Online: How to Start the Diamond Casino Heist – Diamond Casino Heist How To Start Once you’ve bought an Arcade, starting the Diamond Casino Heist is extremely straight-forward. All you need to do is enter your Arcade’s office, and interactt with the Lester Speaks fortune-teller at the back wall. This will reveal the staircase to a basement area, where the planning board for the Diamond Casino Heist exists.

It’s also where you’ll find your Master Control Terminal, if you decided to purchase it. The Diamond Casino Heist can be setup and executed in a variety of different ways, allowing you to choose between Silent & Sneaky, Big Con, or Aggressive, There’s a GTA$25,000 setup cost, but the payout is pretty massive depending on your execution of the mission and target.

As with other Heists, such as the Cayo Perico Heist, the contents of the Diamond & Casino Resort’s vault will be randomly selected.

Mission Target Setup Cost Potential Reward on Normal Potential Reward on Hard
Cash GTA$25,000 GTA$2,115,000 GTA$2,326,500
Artwork GTA$25,000 GTA$2,350,000 GTA$2,585,000
Gold GTA$25,000 GTA$2,585,000 GTA$2,843,500
Diamonds ( Event Only ) GTA$25,000 GTA$3,290,000 GTA$3,619,000

The beauty of the Diamond Casino Heist is that you can approach it whichever way you want to, although we’d recommend avoiding Aggressive purely because taking gunfire will cause you to lose cash, reducing your overall pay out. While the Heist can be played with up to four people, we’d recommend only taking two on the mission — especially if you choose Silent & Sneaky or Big Con — because that will ensure that a larger portion of the proceeds end up in your pocket.

How much does it cost to start the Diamond Casino Heist?

GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Setup Costs – Before players can start the Diamond Casino Heist they will need to register as a CEO in GTA Online, or become an MC president, If you’re short on cash you can always register as a VIP at a cost of $50,000.

Pixel Pete’s Arcade – Paleto Bay – $1,235,000 Wonderama Arcade – Grapeseed – $1,565,000 Videogeddon Arcade – La Mesa – $1,875,000 Warehouse Arcade – Davis – $2,135,000 Insert Coin Arcade – Rockford Hills – $2,345,000 Eight-Bit Arcade – Vinewood – $2,530,000

In addition to buying the Arcade, there’s a $25,000 setup cost each time you start the Diamond Casino Heist. Diamond Casino Heist How To Start

How do you start a heist for the first time?

To join a Heist as a crew member without an invite, go to the Quick Job menu on the phone. Then, select ‘Play Heist’ to jump into the action. If you meet the required criteria, Lester will give you a call to set up your first Heist.

Can you start heist from casino?

Preliminary Setup – In order to start the heist planning, the player has to first complete a setup mission from the Arcade property. Once this setup is done, the Arcade is operational and the player can begin the Casino Heist.

How do you trigger Lester in Mirror Park?

Step-by-step guide on how to buy an Arcade in GTA Online Buying in GTA Online is fundamentally similar to how one purchases other properties in the game, but with one additional requirement. To gain the ability to buy this property, players must first meet with Lester Crest at Mirror Park. Diamond Casino Heist How To Start GTA Online players will see something similar to this screen (Image via Rockstar Games) Here is a step-by-step guide on how to purchase an Arcade in GTA Online:

  1. Go near Mirror Park to trigger a text from Lester Crest. Alternatively, go to one of Lester’s locations on the map to get the text.
  2. See the cutscene involving Lester and Georgina Cheng.
  3. Go to the Internet (which is most easily done through the in-game smartphone).
  4. Head to floreclosures.maze-bank.com,
  5. Select any of the possible properties that you’d wish to buy. One can opt to filter by Arcade by clicking on that tag in the top right of the map on this screen.

It’s that simple. The main issue that would inconvenience some players would be the requirement to see the Lester Crest cutscene at Mirror Park. Here are the prices and locations relevant to this topic:

  • Blaine County, Paleto Bay: $1,235,000
  • Blaine County, Grapeseed: $1,565,000
  • East Los Santos, La Mesa: $1,875,000
  • South Los Santos, Davis: $2,135,000
  • North Los Santos, Rockford Hills: $2,345,000
  • North Los Santos, Vinewood: $2,530,000

It doesn’t matter which one the player buys. The one in La Mesa is the closest to The Diamond Casino, which makes it arguably the best one for those interested in doing The Diamond Casino Heist.

Is the Diamond Casino Heist always cash the first time?

Casino Heist Maximum Payout Table –

Vault Contents Maximum Potential Payout
Cash $2,115,000
Artwork $2,350,000
Gold $2,585,000
Diamonds $3,619,000

Note that the first time you do the heist you will always get cash, and on subsequent attempts you might get artwork, gold or diamonds. It’s preferable to get artwork over cash not only because you earn more, but the paintings themselves are actually easier / faster to loot. As you can see in the table above, gold and finally diamonds are easily the most profitable types of loot though.

Can casino heist be done solo?

Sometimes a player cannot rely on their teammates in GTA Online, which is why they prefer solo heists. Random teams almost never work out in GTA Online. Players often deal with miscommunication or blatant trolling, The worst part is if one crew member fails, so does everybody else.

What is the cheapest heist to start?

How To Do Heists In GTA Online – Heists are elaborate, multi-step missions that involve plenty of action – but you can’t jump right in at the deep end. One player will need to be at least Rank 12 in GTA Online, and own a high-end apartment. The cheapest of which is Del Perro Heights, which costs a very reasonable $200k. Some heists will have set player counts, making it impossible to run them solo. Here’s a quick outline of the players you’ll need for each:

What is the easiest heist to do?

5) The Fleeca Job – Diamond Casino Heist How To Start The first heist available on GTA Online, The Fleeca Job serves more as a tutorial than a real heist. It can be completed with just two players, and is the easiest one to organize. While this heist is a bit labor-intensive, it can be completed quite quickly. The monetary reward may not be high, but the armored Kuruma is well worth it.

How long does it take for Lester to call for casino heist?

Wait 15 mins, then find a new session. That’s how I get my calls.

What property do you need to do the casino heist?

How to start the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online – Retro Arcade Property Cost – It wouldn’t really be the biggest heist in history if you just walked up to the front door and started casing the joint. To start planning the Diamond Casino Heist you need to buy a Retro Arcade property.

  1. All of the heist leaders have established one as a base of operations – a front business – nearby, and the retro arcade is where you can draw you the blueprint for your most audacious caper yet.
  2. As well as starting your prep missions, you can also hone the skills you’ll need on the inside – including hacking keypads and blasting high-security vault doors.

This is also where you choose your getaway vehicle, stockpile your equipment, and set up a Master Control Terminal. The free retro arcade is called Pixel Pete’s Arcade, and is found in Paleto Bay. If you’re a Twitch Prime subscriber, then you’ll be able to claim the new property from Maze Bank Foreclosures for free.

What apartment should I buy for Lester?

Do you need a certain apartment to do a heist in GTA Online? (Note: my experience is on PC) (Note2: this applies to the heists added in the heists update, that is Fleeca, Prison break, Humane Raid, Series A, and Pacific Standard. The doomsday and casino heists have their own property requirements).

  • According to the message you get from Lester you need a “high end apartment”.
  • This will give you a “heist planning room”.
  • You then have to wait for an invite from Lester to host each heist.
  • You do not need a to own a “high end apartment” to join a heist as a crew member through an invite.
  • I think you do need one to use the “quick join heist” feature.

The host’s high end apartment acts as a base for the heist. What I’m not sure on is what properties count as “high end apartments”. I know when I first tried this I bought the cheapest property in the “high end” category on dynasty8 and it turned out to be a standalone garage without a heist planning room.

  1. Scrolling down the list of “high end” properties sorted by price until I reached something described as an “apartment” and buying that gave me a suitable property.
  2. I have definitely experienced heists hosted in properties with multiple different interiors.
  3. I have also seen heists hosted in properties that were houses rather than apartments.

I don’t know if this is specific to the “next gen” versions of the game though. : Do you need a certain apartment to do a heist in GTA Online?

Should you invest before the first Lester mission?

The Construction Assassination – For this mission, you will need to buy GoldCoast (GCD) stocks before you take the mission. Once it is completed, sell the stocks after they rise on the LCN to about 80% return percentage.

Which property do you buy for Lester?

Originally posted by Rick : High end apartments are all apartments over 200k in the dynasty 8 website Doesnt lester say maze bank on the phone call? If he says Maze Bank Foreclosures, he’s talking about the facilities. These unlock the Doomsday Heists for play.

Once you reach a certain level (10-12 if I’m not mistaken.) Lester will call you about “A job” which requires you to own/purchase a high-end apartment (GTA$200,000+) in order to start heists (Fleeca, Pacific Standard, etc.) If Agent 14 calls you, he’ll want you to buy a bunker, which is used for gunrunning, no special heists or what-not.

I’d recommend getting the Criminal Enterprise pack when it goes on sale, $20 on sale nets you more than $20 in Shark Cards can get you. You also get an office and bunker for free, as well as a multitude of good vehicles and a million GTA$ if I’m not mistaken.

Is the Diamond Casino Heist worth it?

The worth of diamonds in GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Heist – Diamond Casino Heist How To Start According to GTAboom, the maximum potential payout of diamonds from the vault rounds up to about $3.619 million. However, when factoring in the cuts of crew members as well as Lester, the final value comes down to about $2,714,250. This is absolutely staggering, and considering the fact that the minimum players required for the heist are two, the individual take can be massive.

Ultimately, it boils down to just how skillfully players are able to maximize their time in the vault and grab all the diamonds that they possibly can. The payout for the Diamond Casino Heist is pretty great, but diamonds certainly help make it that much more significant in GTA Online. Depending on how many challenges players are able to complete during the heist in GTA Online, the payout can differ pretty significantly.

Payouts for other items in the vault:

Cash: $2,115,000 Artwork: $2,350,000 Gold: $2,585,000 Diamonds: $3,619,000

In order to start the Diamond Casino Heist, players must first meet Lester in Mirror Park and then purchase an Arcade from Maze Bank Foreclosures. For comprehensive guides and walkthroughs, check out SK GTA Wiki Edited by Shaheen Banu Thank You! GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯

What’s the highest paying heist in GTA?

1) Doomsday Heist – Diamond Casino Heist How To Start The Doomsday Heist is arguably one of the most entertaining and popular ones in GTA Online, so it makes sense to have improved payouts. Gamers can do this heist with a maximum of four participants and a minimum of two. They will also require a facility to start this heist mission. GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯

How much does the Diamond Casino Heist pay with 2 players?

Diamond Casino Heist Elite Challenges – Like all other heist, the finale of The Diamond Casino Heist comes with its own set of Elite Challenges that reward the player with an additional $50,000 if completed or $100,000 if completed in hard mode. Using quick restart in any approach in will forfeit the elite bonuses. These Elite Challenges are:

  • Casino Heist – Silent & Sneaky
    • Complete in under 15:00 minutes
    • Nobody gets wasted
    • 0 hacks failed
    • Don’t get detected
  • Casino Heist – The Big Con
    • Complete in under 15:00 minutes
    • Nobody gets wasted
    • Don’t get detected
  • Casino Heist – Aggressive
    • Complete in under 15:00 minutes
    • Nobody gets wasted
    • 80 headshots

How much does the casino heist pay solo?

GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist Payouts (Solo) – For the first time ever players can choose to undertake a GTA Online Heist solo. Whilst this means the task is even more difficult, it does also mean a potential bigger take as you won’t be splitting the money with your fellow thieves.